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TabSRMM Plugin for Miranda IM

TabSRMM is a message window plugin for Miranda IM. It offers many features for sending and reading messages in an advanced tabbed environment and can be extensively customized down to the smallest detail.

TabSRMM Screenshot


TabSRMM has way too many features to list them all on this overview page. Please refer to the Wiki documentation to get an idea what it can do.


I no longer develop it actively. However, TabSRMM has become part of Miranda IM and also Miranda NG, the latter one being an advanced and actively maintained fork of Miranda IM. Since it is now included in most, if not all, Miranda IM distributions, there are no longer separate downloads offered. Please refer to the pages linked here.


There is a Wiki with a fair amount of information about this plugin. It is not complete but should give you a good starting point and also covers some advanced topics like custom skinning.


Get it via Miranda NG, aka "Miranda next generation" which is the only Miranda version that is actively under development and includes TabSRMM as a standard messaging plugin.

Source Code

TabSRMM is Open Source, licensed under the GPL Version 2 or any later version. Its source code can be found in either the original Miranda IM or Miranda NG code repositories.