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Configuration - HTML filtering

By default, Plone does not allow most CSS attributes in content. As a result, things like foreground and background colors, borders and other advanced CSS properties won't work. Even though the editor does support them, the filtering algorithm will remove such properties from the editor-generated HTML before it is fed into the database.

The workaround is to go into the Site Setup and edit HTML-Filter -> Styles. Add all the CSS properties you want to allow. In the same way, you can allow or prohibit HTML tags and -attributes. Be aware though, that some prohibited tags are forbidden for good reasons as they might impose a security risk, especially when every content author is allowed to use them.

If you're the only author on your site or you know you can trust your content creators, then allowing a bit more HTML freedom might be a good idea. The default Plone configuration is very restrictive and conservative, because security is a main and important concept in this CMS.