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On this page, you can find various projects and documentation I've been working on in the past. This is a fairly incomplete list but it is and will be growing. Some of these projects are no longer actively maintained by myself, but are still available through other channels.


  • TabSRMM

    This is a plugin for the popular instant messenger Miranda IM. I do no longer maintain it, but it is available as part of Miranda NG, which is actually a fork of Miranda IM and still under active development.
  • EoS Alpha

    EoS Alpha is a forum software written in PhP. It is a fork of Simple Machines Forum 2.1, widely known as SMF and is currently under development.
  • Plone

    Plone is an Open Source content management system written in Python using the Zope application server as its base. It is the system this site is built upon and I've been using it for several projects in the past.